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UPDATE 3 March 2021

To login to ADMIN (to make payments etc) see below and then go to LOGIN in the menu above - you should be able to Login as per normal there.
These instructions are from SiteMaker and I am copying them for you as a courtesy - please contact them if you are unsure.

For Mac users please click here for more information.
For Windows users please click here for more information.
You can still contact Customer Support to request website amendments.


The new (non-flash) editor is now available with standard functionalities including editing text and replacing images. For any complex changes that you are not able to achieve in the new editor, please reach out to the Moonfruit Customer Support and the team will be able to assist you. The development team is working on releasing the reminder of the functionalities in the coming days.


This is the latest information we have from SiteMaker (Moonfruit)

Hello Customer,
Apologies for the inconvenience. We acknowledge your ticket about the flash editor not opening today. While the technical team is working on the non-flash editor, we have a contingency in place. Please let us know the changes that you want to make to your website, here through this chat window. We will make the changes to your website from the backend and release it to live. Thanks,

This can be done via the chat window here -


In 2018 after 12 years of being a reseller of SiteMaker (the technology used in making DIY websites), Bounce Interactive was "let go" and SiteMaker has changes ownership a couple of times since.

Bounce Interactive has continued to offer it's original customers support as best it could even though the new owners gained all the benefits and were suppose to "take over" the customer base.

Flash (the underlying technology used in creating the websites) has now been retired and as such you will not be able to edit your websites. We were constantly assured that with Flash being retired, that the new owners were working on a solution so that their customers could edit their websites as per normal.

They are trying to get a work around for you right now.

Your websites can be viewed as per normal, you just can't edit them.

You can help us by applying pressure here

I apologise on their behalf as this is not the way that it was suppose to work out

Your Sincerely

Bounce Interactive

OK - What now ???

In our opinion, time to move on.........

Bounce Interactive has been evaluating website builders and have decided that Wix (we have no affiliation with them - offers the best features and ease of use. The concept is simialr to SiteMaker but the outcome is far superior, and with the benefit of having 160 million websites built using their platform

We are in the process of offering exisiting SiteMaker customers a Wix alternative at a discount rate, please email your interest and include your current website address and phone number and we will get back to you to discuss......


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